George Imirie's Articles

Optimizing Honey/Sales
Ready for Spring
Special Addition
Lousy Queen
"Having Your Cake/Think-Learn-Enjoy"
Cake & Eating it Too! Part ll
Bee Stings
Ready or Not
Why Mark Queens?


Articles by other authors

Chinese Honey Remedies
Bees and Honey
Beeswax: History & Use
Parasitic Mites & Control; also Chemical controls
More about Integrated Pest Management
Making Mead
Evaluation of menthol
Mineral Oil and the Honeybee
Mineral Oil Part #2 ( Dr. Rodriquez)
Honeybees and Beekeepers
Africanized and European Honeybees
Pierco Plastic Frame Introduction
Mite Control w/essential oils (WVU)
Maine Home Food Manufacturing Codes
Patient Information on Allergic Reactions/Bee Stings
Maine Apiary Laws
Wellmark Urges Proper Use of Apistan
Trends in Maine Beekeeping
Products of the Hive
Bee Hive,SolarWax Melter & Honey Heater Construction Plans
Plants,Flowers,& Trees for the Honeybee
Honybee Races/Strains
Anatomy of a Bee
Solar Beeswax Rendering & Hints

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